Porcelain, Stoneware & Ceramics – a loved trend of the day. Proudly brought to you by Trinity Crafts

A healthier way of serving and having meals – with natural and beautiful tableware, dinnerware and serve-ware.

A perfect fit in your eco-conscious home! A versatile and durable option that can be used for everyday dining and other uses at homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes.

Our first-quality, hand-crafted Porcelain, Stoneware and ceramic products are collector’s items. Natural, skilfully handmade under a painstakingly complex process. The designs and usage make these gorgeous options for dinnerware, tableware, serve-ware. For homes, hotels, restaurants and cafes. Added advantage, is these are ecologically and economically sustainable to help you move farther away from synthetic/artificial options.

We handpick these to suit your aesthetic needs and to contribute to your goals of marching ahead with eco-friendlier, sustainable practices.

The team at Trinity Crafts scours the country to get the right quality and right suppliers to bring you these servile beauties.

Terracotta, stoneware, ceramics, porcelain, Bone China – one large family. These differ in ingredient compositions, minor variances in processes and temperature range used in baking. Not to wonder, why bordering over the fine line, these ceramic articles are sometimes interchangeably referred to as Porcelain or Stoneware.

Trinity Crafts largely deals with Stoneware and Porcelain products for tableware and dinnerware. These can keep its sheen and last for years with basic care. Some key points on which these products scores over other materials:

• Made of natural materials and largely handcrafted, stoneware and porcelain products can have many designs, colors, shapes and finishes. You can always find a set to suit your style and décor.

• Stoneware or Porcelain tableware gives you unique, elegant options and is a good long-term investment except for the butter fingers.

• We offer specially glazed tableware that is waterproof, does not absorb flavors and is easier to clean.

• Non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and much more, it is safe with microwave and dishwasher. The ability of these products to withstand high temperatures and zero-porosity adds to its value as a good option for everyday use or for special occasions.

• These are baked at high temperatures ranging from 1,100 and 1,300 degree Celsius. No wonder the resulting products are stronger, dense, non-porous.

• Porcelain goes one step further than Stoneware. Slightly lighter in weight and a bit more rugged, Porcelain can be used in the ovens. That’s why it is favored by the hospitality industry,

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