Elegant Cane Furniture

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Beutiful furniture made of Cane, rattan

Magical Furniture - Rattan, Cane, Wicker !

Trinity Crafts and craftsmanship of its skilled artisans bring to you, made-to-order natural Rattan, Cane, Wicker furniture and artefacts. These are popularly known as ‘Cane Furniture’.

With Trinity Crafts you get the flexibility of transforming your own designs and needs into your own furniture and products. Have it crafted with superior quality raw material and use it with assurance of our unparalleled warranty!

When you are looking for something to fall in love with for 20-30 or more years!

Sometimes confused with Bamboo, Rattan is one of the hardest and the most durable of woods. Your exquisite furniture full of modernity and style is sure to cause envy to many.

These desirable Rattan and Cane products become your treasured possessions and an integral part of your life. Cane/ Rattan becomes a preferred choice given its flexibility in designing, its durability, lightweight and its ability to remain useful with little maintenance. Besides all its versatility gives it the upper hand as it can be used outdoors as well as indoors. Moreover, being able to be crafted into furniture and other items of utility this easily replenishable natural resource helps you keep the ecological balance.

Unbelievable, but covered by a comprehensive 5-year Warranty!    Rightfully ask for –

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Find love - once again

Customised, Made-to-Order

Isn’t it just pretty? Out of a movie scene? A clip from a movie about splendor of kingdoms and palaces.

Well, a little exaggeration is allowed when it is about the only place to get bespoke, made-to-your-designs Cane, Rattan, Wicker furniture. 

All natural, made with a lot of skill and of course, ample dollops of love.

Beautiful Homes, Top-rated Hotels, Talk of the Town Restaurants, or eternally booked Resorts – Indoor artefacts or outdoor furniture. 

Call upon our specialists and we shall be delighted to have you on our side, sharing praises for 20, 30 years or more.

Towards Better Living

At Trinity Crafts, our greater goal is to bring to you, products made with thought, love, sustainable traditions, heritage, art, craft, skills and natural materials. Our bid to make a positive social impact.

Furthermore, our aim is to help the environmentalist-in-you stay farther from the non-biodegradable plastics, manmade materials, chemicals and synthetic polymers. Helping you keep away the avoidable ills of those materials. Assisting you in adding positively to the sustainability and the planet.

Cane, Rattan Furniture is designed and crafted, customized to your needs by skilled craftsmen in our Studio cum Workshop at Kangra. Other products are handcrafted by artisan in workshops at various place in India. Each product boasts of its own personality and qualities. Representational photographs on our website and other promotional media usually cannot do justice to the actual products. The final products may even be better than the pictorial representations.

For Your Beautiful Home

For Your Famed Fab Hotel

For Your Wow Restaurant


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with Nature and Craft