Trust and Belief



Trinity Crafts is committed to providing high-quality, handcrafted, close to nature products to deliver its promised value, and more. Each facet of our organization is guided by our Quality Policy. So, we assure adherence by using as much natural as possible, renewable, biodegradable, quality raw materials. This is supplemented with proven practices of handcrafting, best production procedures and fair business practices.

Our endeavor shall always be to ensure these values stand the test of time. These values must remain a critical reason to treasure satisfied, proud clients, who shall continue bringing us love, affection and success. We are constantly working on infusing this commitment into every aspect of our venture.

Premium Quality

Made in India


Close to nature


We are trying to bring in products and artefacts which are not easily available around here. And the ones we bring boast of  “Quality” in designing and manufacturing.

All this because we as  well as our carefully chosen suppliers design and manufacture products using quality raw material and efficient means. Our commitment to quality is vital to all we that do.​

You shall eventually fall in love with these products as we painstakingly craft these with: –

  1. Naturally available, renewable, biodegradable and recyclable materials.
  2. Unmatched aesthetic appeal and no-trouble possessions, thanks to special skills of well experienced and seasoned craftspeople.
  3. Surety to you for long-term durability of the products. This is due to the quality of our raw material procured from credible and renowned suppliers. Be it wood, fabric or other materials, we insist on using only the best for the given purposes.
  4. Assurance of utility to you by applying standardized processes as prescribed by the raw material suppliers and supplemented with the best practices followed to a T.
  5. Promise of durability with the optimum quality components and accessories. All these put in place with the contemporary tools used for crafting and finishing work.

Warranty for Products crafted by Trinity Crafts

All Cane & Rattan products manufactured by us are warranted for five (5) years from the date of delivery. We take it upon ourselves to repair, correct, re-do any issues caused by manufacturing defects or workmanship. This applies to all components but barring complaints emanating from damages, misuse, alterations, abuse, wear & tear, vagaries of weather or nature. Our promise of trust, reliability and durability shall not end there. We shall extend our support for five more years to keep these products in excellent shape at nominal charges to cover our costs.

  • Manufacturers’ warranty applies to products where we add no processes.
  • Given the nature of products, these must be brought in-store for lodging of issue, inspection or necessary repairs.

Towards Better Living

At Trinity Crafts, our greater goal is to bring to you, products made with thought, love, sustainable traditions, heritage, art, craft, skills and natural materials. Our bid to make a positive social impact.

Aim is to help the environmentalist-in-you stay farther from the non-biodegradable plastics, manmade materials, chemicals and synthetic polymers. Helping you keep away the avoidable ills of those materials. Assisting you in adding positively to the sustainability and the planet.

Cane, Rattan Furniture is designed and crafted, customized to your needs by skilled craftsmen in our Studio cum Workshop at Kangra. Other products are handcrafted by artisan in workshops at various place in India. Each product boasts of its own personality and qualities. Representational photographs on our website and other promotional media usually cannot do justice to the actual products. The final products may even be better than the pictorial representations.


Rejuvenated tomorrows
with Nature, Craft and Quality