Wall Decor

Metal, Wood, Craft, Beauty

What do you do? When the walls speak of loneliness? Or bare emptiness? When they want some elegant ornaments?

Call The Louvre to lend the Timeless Mona Lisa? Or visit Trinity Crafts?

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Creative Art, Steel
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The Blessed Metal
Handpainted wall clock at Trinity Crafts, Kangra
Handcrafted Clock
Metal Timepieces

Wall Decor

Trinity Crafts Helps You Liven Up Your Home

Another Brick in The Wall.

No, no more. You can’t keep adding bricks to build a wall. And the walls of your home cannot be unjust bare walls. Each wall must be a statement! Our Wall Decor is ‘the’ exciting option. Make your walls speak with passion!

Have your guests speak about and to the walls of your living room. Bring the ‘Prana’, ‘Chi’ to your dining room. Get a million twinkling stars into your children’s rooms. 

Shower some romantic grace on your bedroom walls. 

Feel energized and motivated, looking at time o’clock. Add that distinctive touch. Keep changing the combinations. The walls and time shall always be exciting to look at. 

Trinity Crafts has been toiling hard to bring contemporary styles to adorn the walls of your home. Our team has been hunting across the country to get you the right quality and right products from the right suppliers. After all this is about bringing this newness to your home.

With Trinity Crafts you now get the flexibility of adding all those, once inaccessible, products and designs. These pieces of art crafted by special skilled Indian artisans, primarily using natural materials. 

How you wish you should have your home redesigned and transformed by credible architects, designers and our team.

Happy, Speaking walls

Metal, Creativity, Grace

The Blessings not in disguise

Gods, Artistry, Grace

Time with Timeless Art

Beauty, Art, Wood

Time for Nerves of Steel

Creativity, Metal, Skill

Towards Better Living

At Trinity Crafts, our greater goal is to bring to you, products made with thought, love, sustainable traditions, heritage, art, craft, skills and natural materials. Our bid to make a positive social impact.

Aim is to help the environmentalist-in-you stay farther from the non-biodegradable plastics, manmade materials, chemicals and synthetic polymers. Helping you keep away the avoidable ills of those materials. Assisting you in adding positively to the sustainability and the planet.

Cane, Rattan Furniture is designed and crafted, customized to your needs by skilled craftsmen in our Studio cum Workshop at Kangra. Other products are handcrafted by artisan in workshops at various place in India. Each product boasts of its own personality and qualities. Representational photographs on our website and other promotional media usually cannot do justice to the actual products. The final products may even be better than the pictorial representations.


Rejuvenated tomorrows
with Nature and Craft