Metal Wall Décor

Make a bold statement. Let people line up for the best selfie-point in town. Make every wall a family photo op. Make those mute walls hum the rhythmic notes and lullabies.

Create your own ‘Art Gallery’ with our assortment of magnificent Wrought Iron wall décor shaped by skilled Indian artisans! Beautiful, handcrafted and artfully hand-painted decor. Options of backlit, non-lit, vertical horizontal and other shapes.

See the Wall Decor Liven Up Your Beautiful Home and rejuvenate Your Lifestyle. Let the Walls Speak Volumes of Your Passion & Love and bring that spring to every footstep in the house.

Each piece of art from our diverse range adds a touch of elegance and personality to your walls. Take home contemporary, traditional, urbane, divinity-driven styles and forms. Magically created from sheets of steel, this wall decor is sure to bring life to each wall and every room of your beautiful home.

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