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Welcome to Trinity Crafts

Elevating Homes with Sustainable, Heritage-Inspired Creations.

Discover a stunning collections of handcrafted pieces that celebrate the rich culture heritage of India. Our products are carefully curated from the most skilled artisan across the country, ensuring the highest quality and timeless design.

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We are committed to sourcing only the finest quality products for you. From meticulously crafted designs to premium raw materials; our dedication to quality ensures an unparalleled experience for every customer.

Custom Designs

Our aim is to curate stylish designs that seamlessly blend modern aesthetics with the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship and culture.


From intricate designs to flawless execution, we uphold the highest standards in every aspect of our work. We strive to exceed expectations and celebrate the beauty of fine craftsmanship in every product we offer.


From sourcing to manufacturing, our focus remains on minimizing environmental impact while delivering exceptional products that resonate with conscientious consumers like you.

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About Us

As the name suggests, Trinity Crafts is coming together of three distinct yet supplementary forces. Trinity Crafts has been formed with an objective to strengthen, revive and support Indian crafts, craftspeople and artisans associated with natural materials and sustainable eco-systems. Objective is to bring natural products, handcrafted by skilled Indian Artisans to make classy homes, hotels and restaurants in and around Kangra and Himachal Pradesh.

Lawn chair handcrafted from Natural Cane Rattan
Chair footrest handcrafted from Natural Cane Rattan